Application/referencing fees per adult (Includes credit checks, landlord references, employer references, Right to Reside checks) - 200 (inc VAT)

Guarantor fee (includes credit checks) - 50 including VAT


The following sections must be completed by the applicant. Please ensure all required information is filled out fully, failure to do so may delay the progress of your application. One application per tenant will need to be completed.

Tenancy details

If references are not returned to us promptly this may result in your preferred move in date being altered. You will be notified once references have been issued and we suggest you follow these up to ensure that they are returned to us. Please make sure you inform relevant parties that they will be contacted to supply a reference on your behalf.

Tenant details

Current address of prospective tenant

Years Months

Current estate agent/landlord/managing agent

If you have been living at your address for less than three years please provide details of your previous address below:

Previous address(es) of prospective tenant

Where have you been living for the last 3 years? Please provide previous address(es) and dates of residency.

Years Months
Years Months

Tenant employment status

Please provide contact details of HR/ MANAGER / PAYROLL MANAGER who will be able to supply a reference verification of your employment.

Useful information

Tenant information sheet

I confirm that I have read the tenant information sheet: